Submission Process

Please read carefully complete submission process up to Publications. 

Before Submission Guidelines.

  • Before submission, please check and make sure that paper must be Original content bases not copy paste from any other paper OR Journal in case of not unique or Original (IJOABS) Board have right to Reject your paper at first stage.
  • Before submission, please check and make sure that  paper having all necessary details like
    -Complete Author’s Details With University Affiliations
    -Title Should be Given in Top
    -Without any Header Or Footer
    -Abstract included along with Research keywords. 
  • Before Submission After checking given two checks. Please make sure that paper formatting must be as recommended from (IJOABS)
  • After These all, Please send Paper on Chief Editor Email ID editor[at] or from Journal Submission Page.

Paper Formatting Guidelines.

Paper Should be in  = Text Style
Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12
Line spacing: 1.0
Language – English.
References – Roman  

Abbreviations and their explanations should be collected alphabetically arranged in a list. Examples: BA- 6-benzylaminopurine; NAA-naphthalene acetic acid. 

Please provide a short abstract of 150- 300 words. The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references. The abstract must be a summary avoid from given any details or formulas.

This section should argue the case for your study, outlining only essential background, but should not include either the findings or the conclusions. It should not be a review of the subject area but should finish with a clear statement of the question being addressed. 

Materials and Methods
Please provide sufficient methodological details to allow a competent person to repeat the work avoid to send paper without methodologies. 

Results and Conclusion
This should highlight the results and the significance of the results and place them in the context of other work. The final paragraph ought to provide a resume of the main conclusions. Normally a comparison between your results and results from previous works should be given in the Discussion.

Headings: Headings should be in upper case and bold type. Sub-headings should be in lower case and Sub-Subheadings should be in lower case and italics.

Figures: You must also supply a high-quality soft copy of Figures. 

Tables: Tables Should be Center align and in Proper arrangement avoid to use any color. 


References should be in same format times new Roman and same font size 12. 


Copyright and Permissions
By submitting a manuscript to the editor or publisher, you are deemed to have granted authorization to publish the manuscript.We will send you Copyright form you will sign and return to us. You can Download Form From given link.

Copyright Form

Publication fee:

75 USD for Developing and 100 USD for developed countries per paper without any Pages and Author’s Limit along with all following Documents.

Free Documentation For Author’s

  • Proof Reading (Free)
  • Acceptance Letter (Free)
  • Double Blind Peer reviewed Copy (Free)
  • E-Certificate of Publications (Free)
  • Each Issue Cover Page (Free)
  • Abstracting and Indexing (Free)

After Submission Guidelines.

  • After submission (IJOABS) will send you an Acknowledgement that paper has been received and sent for the Initial review process.
  • We will check your paper errors and send it to you for improvement once you agreed we would correct all errors.
  • Wait 10 to 20 days for acceptance Or Rejection Process.
  • Once your Paper Accepted Pay your fee said by Editor for further procedure.
  • In case of rejection note down the reasons for rejection improve your paper and again submit for acceptance.
  • After payment wait acceptance letter will be provided
  • Each issue will be published after two months like Jan, and Feb 2017 Issue will be live on 1st-March-2017 same way next 1st-May-2017.
  • After Publications, we will provide you Review Copy, E-Certificate of Publications, Issue Cover Page Free of cost.