INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURE AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (IJOABS) having ISSN (2522-6584) is an open access journal which means that there is no charges from Readers, Author’s , Scholars , Students, Research Organization and Universities to download and reads global research work. 


(IJOABS) Publications frequency will be 6 issues in a year along with both Online and Print.

(IJOABS) Mission & Vision:

IJOABS is an Open Access Journal. We are committed to promote academic exchanges and progress. Publishing with IJOABS will provide high visibility of your research work and make you know the latest academic trends. The Mission & Vision of the International Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. (IJOABS) having ISSN (2522-6584)is to foster the growth of agriculture research and Biological research activities among Researcher’s and to provide a medium for mutual communication between the world academia and the industry on the one hand, and the world scientific community on the other. We will Provide all Papers equally opportunities to get large visibility among all big Agriculture forums and Indexing portals.

(IJOABS) Team Review Process:
We have highly educated and skilled PhD’s Editorial Board Member’s and Reviewer’s with vast agriculture and Biological fields experiences. They will read out  first Author papers and correct following errors and suggest following improvements.

1) Paper Grammer and Spelling Improvements 

Paper Improvement Areas

2) Paper Quality Improvements 

After improving all given errors Our 2 reviewer’s provide there review in Points form also in the shape of paper strength and weakness. They point out paper and research quality issues. Then they inform Author’s about all those suggestions.


We will adopt legal and organization methods to provide following valuable Documents to Author’s.

  • Paper Grammar & Spelling Corrections (Free)
  • Acceptance Letter (Free)
  • Double Blind Peer reviewed Copy (Free)
  • E-Certificate of Publications (Free)
  • Each Issue Cover Page (Free)
  • Abstracting and Indexing (Free)

Best Regard
Chief Editor
Prof. Asif Ahmad-PhD Food Technology.
PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi-Pakistan
Contact Number: +92 3345628182
International Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. ISSN 2522-6584